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Deliver Patient-Centered Care   +   Drive Revenue Growth   +   Streamline Business Processes
Deliver Patient-Centered Care   +   Drive Revenue Growth   +   Streamline Business Processes
Unlock Revenue Opportunities

grow revenue through our proprietary referral network

Enhance Patient Engagement

improve patient satisfaction with integrated education and outreach tools

Ease Staff Burden

increase profitability through automation and reduced administrative overhead

Enable Patient-Centered Care

cover all areas of DME/HME: PAP, Vent, O2, CGM, Enteral, Wound Care, and more

Disease-Driven Care Planning

• Patient-centered programs & care plans

• Device adherence data integrated into care plan

• Automated clinical workflow, adherence monitoring, and patient outreach

• Prescription capture & renewal workflow 

• Workflow supports DME, RPM, RTM, and CCM

Disease-Driven Care Planning

Proprietary Referral Network

• Over 250,000 DME orders annually

• Participate in ModoHealth payor arrangements

• Access to orders through ModoHealth physician and sleep testing partners

Proprietary Referral Network


• Mobile app and web portal

• Patient two-way, omni-channel communications

• Patient outreach & telehealth tools

• Disease-focused education

• Self-service scheduling

• Digital patient paperwork with e-signature

Proprietary Referral Network
ModoSleep Platform

Referral Workflow
& Automations

• Comprehensive workflow, limits manual processes through automation

• Streamlined referral intake (fax & digital orders) and order creation

• Drives prior authorization and billing compliance

Referral Workflow & Automations


• Integrated PA workflow and submission

• Consolidated source for PA status and actions

• AI-driven by payor rules for PA submissions

• Automated resupply workflow

Referral Workflow & Automations

Patient & Resource Management Tools

• Scheduling with text & email appointment notifications

• Integrated telehealth tools

• Resource management tools for clinical care team

• VOIP integrations to automate call tracking and workflow

Patient & Resource Management Tools


• Seamless setup and integration with device manufacturers

• Integration with inventory & billing, and telephony platforms

• Maintain connectivity with providers, hospitals, and other referral sources

Platform Integration

Business Intelligence & Analytics

• Advance and grow your business with KPIs and benchmarks

• Individualized dashboards

• Sales reporting and referral source portals

Business Intelligence & Analytics
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